Time Machine Detox Retreats

A wellbeing program with focus on comprehensive stress management solutions for educational institutes and organizations

The Time Machine By Ideazfirst

We create interactive wellness and detox meetups for corporate teams at an exotic local location. For better creativity, productivity and mental wellness. What is Time Machine Meetups and why should you consider for your team? We offer the best deals for recurring business meetings catering your specific needs. 
Plan an annual meeting calendar at Luxury Hotels with Meetings and Presentations + Wellness Workshops + Games & Activities + Great Food and Beverages + Entertainment Events + Team Motivation Rewards & Recognition......leading to a recharged & productive Team
Health and wellness meetings are a leading industry trend that is leaving attendees feeling less stressed, better rested, and more fully considered.
We incorporate wellness more deeply into our events shows an authentic concern for attendees and their experience. Weaving in ways to boost physical and mental wellness speaks to the thoughtfulness of your planning efforts.
It shows you’re thinking about attendees’ wellbeing, and making sure basic human needs are met, and hopefully you can exceed expectations showing your ‘attendee-first’ approach.

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