Ideazfirst One

A wellbeing program with focus on comprehensive stress management solutions for educational institutes and organizations

Ideazfirst One - SuperPower for High Performance Teams
Introducing Stress Management solutions for high performance teams, leading to happy and healthy workplaces.
Two simple and easy subscription plans. 
Stress Zero
Stress Zero is an annual plan that provides your employees with various resources and services to cope with stress and enhance their well-being.
- Borrow or buy inspiring books from in-premise library and bookstore, where you can find curated titles on personal growth, productivity, happiness, and more.
- Interactive and engaging workshops, where you can learn practical skills and strategies to manage stress, improve communication, and foster teamwork.
- Dedicated Support Desk for stress management (Helpline & email), where you can reach out to trained counselors and experts who can offer confidential and personalized guidance and support.
- Yoga & Meditation, where you can practice physical and mental exercises that can help you relax, calm your mind, and increase your focus and energy.
- Quarterly medical checkups, where you can monitor your health status and get professional advice on how to prevent or treat any health issues related to stress.
- Plans starting from Rs. 250/- per employee per month, for organizations with at least fifty employees. 
Bliss Infinite
- Bliss Infinite is a comprehensive plan that covers all the offerings of Stress Zero program plus a gifting app: - 
- It offers birthday gifts for teams, outdoor gatherings, contests and rewards, and wellness and detox events
- These services are designed to boost team morale, engagement, and productivity
- The plan starts from Rs. 500/- per employee per month for organizations with at least fifty employees
Contact us today to get a free quote and a customized plan for your organization.

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