Time Machine Meetup Events

In-person team gatherings are crucial for building emotional strength.

Leading companies worldwide are investing on wellness and detox events for corporate teams.
According to Meeting Tomorrow, here are some ideas :
Meditation area
Opportunities for exercise or movement
Outdoor venues
Mocktails & Non-Alcoholic Drink Options
Sleep and Rest
Focus On Inclusivity & Accessibility for All Attendees
We help your team meet up in an offline environment by creating a wellness event customized to your needs.
Why do we need this? 
Mental Wellness is very important for emotional tenacity and resilience. Post Pandemic, we need to reduce mental stress due to monotonous office environment and working from home routines
To meet offline and share and discuss things which cannot be done online on Zoom or Webex.
Some companies have reduced their office sizes during pandemic lockdowns to reduce the overall costs. Now, there is no office space for the entire team unless the company rents the additional space again.

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