Interactive Outdoor Advertising –

Cabrand is a unique advertising opportunity for advertisers with interactivity in the outdoor ads. We have classified our interactive outdoor advertising services into the below three categories to match all B2C customer needs and budgets: –

  • Exterior advertising using vinyl pasting
  • Interior advertising
  • Road Shows using 3-4 cabs moving in a row

Exterior advertising can be on all four doors and the bonnet of the taxi, using the best quality vinyl with lamination. The taxis chosen would be new, and free from dents. The branding is cleaned everyday by the taxi owners and we do replace the vinyl in case of any accidents or damages.

Interior Advertising –

Unlike advertising on other vehicles and outdoor publicity, here the advertiser would be able to interact with the customers by: –

Passengers can take away product brochures and leaflets about the brand. Since the customer is sitting idle while travelling he/ she would be keen to read on these brochures and take away the ones he/ she would be interested in.

Cabrand can generate authentic leads for the advertisers can generate leads by either keeping the “Contact Us” forms with a drop box inside the taxi (Our team will collect the filled forms from taxi drivers from their garage locations. They will enter that information in excel sheet and mail it to client. Client has an active database of interested customers) or SMS based contact services using the dedicated SMS code IDEAZ – 56767

Advertisers can do free Sampling of products / gift vouchers to a very targeted group of customers who have the propensity to spend, i.e. taxi passengers

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