Corporate Social Responsibility

“The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous and enduring and thus more intelligent and even competitive”
Paul Hawken

Team Ideazfirst recognizes the fact that the protection of the environment has been the most pressing issue, not just in India but across the globe. In order to secure a future for the generations to come it is our duty and responsibility to protect and conserve the gifts of Mother Nature. Through responsible business practices, Ideazfirst thus attempts to pursue environmental protection activities.

Our aim is to harmonize social development with global environment. To us, corporate social responsibility is much more than any one particular programme, it is what we practice every day when we minimize the negative impact and maximize the positive impact on the environment.

From our very inception, we have been conscious towards our responsibility towards nature and have tried to do our bit to protect the environment through conservation practices. For example, we make minimum use of flex hoardings and ensure that there is no wastage of the same. Flex banners are made out of poly vinyl chloride are not biodegradable.

Ideazfirst is also concerned about the cruelty towards animals and we have taken it upon ourselves to do our bit to protect animals. Towards this end, we are actively associated with the Save Cows India Charitable Trust (SCICT) a Kolkata based social service organization that is committed to reducing cow slaughter and protect the Indian breed of cows.

The cow is an important animal in the ecological cycle not only because of its religious significance in the Indian context, but because of the various benefits it contributes to the thriving dairy industry in India. Milk and milk products are consumed by one and all in our country in some form or the other. And yet, a country of paradoxes as we are, we continue to slaughter our cows mercilessly.

Data compiled from newspaper reports portray a scary picture. It shows that beef exports went up 44% over the last four years and India currently finds the second position (next to Brazil) among the top exporters of beef globally.

Ideazfirst, on its part, wants to do its bit to save this mute animal from the ire of slaughterhouses. Our attempt to save the cow is taking our environmental consciousness one step ahead. Over the years Ideazfirst has made the best use of its expertise in advertising, branding and design and event management to further this cause.

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