Celebrity Management

For the Celebrities: –

We help improve the celebrity popularity index by various tools like social media, positive public relations, photoshoots, website enhancements etc. We create a profile which helps identify which celebrity suits for which brand profile. We connect Celebrities to the respective brands – for brand endorsements, brand ambassador. We offer services pertaining to create a positive PR for the celebrity in terms of arranging cover story photo shoots for popular magazines / publications as well as other event inauguration opportunities. We create a professional and attractive fan page in various social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google + alongwith Blogs and websites.
Under exclusive arrangements we would be the sole agency to book for the celebrity for brand ambassador, realty shows, Press conferences and inaugural events.

For the brands

We identify the best suited celeb profile for brand endorsements matching the company image and product target group. In film branding opportunities are also identified and created.

For the Films / TV Serials

We do film and TV serial marketing, using various media tools like music launches, premiers, outdoor advertising, internet, merchandising, promotional tours and events etc. to promote the films.
Please visit our celebrity management website – www.celebrand.in for more details.