Why corporate giants need meeting planners these days

Even till about five years back or so, corporate events used to be drab and predictable with back to back sessions of about an hour each day with a lunch break in between and some standard entertainment in the evening as if it were some consolation prize for attending the day’s event! But today with all pervasive technology, corporate events too have gone through a sea change. Those who are hosting such events have make the attendees of the event comfortable, the sessions invigorating, most importantly facilitate networking, the number one reason why people choose attend corporate events these days.


Conference management today is therefor no longer just booking a venue and getting a caterer in place. That is exactly the reason why it is a job that should be entrusted to an expert conference planner, a company that preferably has hosted events for companies across sectors, is on top of trends and has the access to the latest technology. A conference arranger or an event management company should be able to provide end to end solutions right from the registration of the guests to using social media aptly in a manner that the attendees can stay in touch with each other long after your event is over!


A lot of thought and effort must go into the conference, the time or the expertise that you may want to outsource. Take for instance something as simple as seating! That’s not something you would have given a second thought to right and left it to the venue managers to get the seating done the way it suits them! But an event planner would think differently! They would think of strategic seating and arrange the seating in a manner that it would allow the guests to converse with each other when the conferences are in progress. Some would even walk the extra mile and inquire the registered guests about the connections they would like to make in the conference and use the information gathered intelligently while seating the participants.

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A successful corporate event is one in which there is enough scope for interaction. A conference planner will therefore design and arrange the content of the conference in a manner so that there is enough participation and interaction amongst the panelists and guests. This can be done by building in opportunities for Q&A and allowing enough room for the participants to create and shape the content of the event in a manner that they find useful.


No event today is complete without the mention of technology and social media. Not only does state of the art technology be used in the broadcast of these events, social media must be used to its full potential to promote your event and keep it alive after its done. A popular trend is the use of event apps where the app becomes the hub of all the relevant information about your event. Things such as the profiles of the speakers, documents and presentations can be stored easily in this app and can be accessed by the delegates on their smart phones whenever they wish. Listed here are merely a few details that a good conference planner is likely to pay attention to. Large scale corporate events are big affairs that must be handled professionally and made to seem effortless and seamless. When you leave the job to event planners, they ensure that these details are taken care of amply so that you can go about earning a reputation as a great business event host yourself!


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