The Art of Getting Attention – Few Innovative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

When it comes to marketing ideas, one of the most clichéd phrases that anyone hears about is “to think creatively”. The fact is, creative thinking does not happen easily and even if a marketing trainee does come up with something truly out-of the-box, once the idea is circulated, there are a dozen other companies doing the same thing. The bottom line is, the shelf life of any new idea is considerably low and one just has to make the most of it before it loses its novelty.

At times, going back to the basics is just what is needed? Remember how Benedict Cumberbatch announced his marriage? Not via Twitter or Facebook, but through the good old classified column in the newspaper. When there is such a rush to modernize everything, something taking a pause does more. Instead of spending tons on digital pop ups which clients shut down even without a glance, try to zero in on papers and magazines which you know your target consumers would still read. Seventy percent of that consumer base is sure to think about their childhood and buy your item just out of nostalgia.

Instead of trying to tell the clients that your product and services has everything that they like, which fifty other companies are also trying to do at the same time, try to show how your products does not have anything that they would not approve of. Logical explanation that touches and is close to their emotion is a better tactic than trying to push the same thing over and again.  Lending another perspective is always a great marketing strategy and it helps to clear the clouded vision of the clients who have been tuned to buying the same products over time, resulting in an increase in BTL activities.

Offline Marketing is a major component of BTL marketing, and it includes door to door marketing, which is considered a passé these days. However, there is nothing as pleasing to a consumer as getting personalized service and customer engagement, as well as getting the opportunity to give a direct feedback. If you are a start up and you are short of financial resources, start out small by concentrating more on quality rather than quantity. Adding personal notes to your items and making personalized concessions would add to considerable word of mouth publicity and yet, your clients will not even realize they are helping you in your marketing campaign.

Using creative content and pop ups, along with innovative graphics is definitely a prerequisite in marketing and yet it has to be really out of the box to make an impact. Do not opt for the done to death SMS or Email marketing ideas as your mail would just end up in the junk folder. Instead, create an innovative presentation which can be seen through in a couple of minutes, where you can actually portray how the product works, and has helped people. It is like a mini tutorial, but far more fun and if you can make it possible interactive. The prospective clients will not be listening to one of those empty promises they are used to- they would actually witness how your product can enhance their lives and in no time you would be getting calls. This is also a huge advantage in event management.

Speaking in the context of grabbing attention, Ideazfirst did a very good job at the Kolkata International Book Fair 2016, for the SBI Life Insurance. Usually these local stalls remain empty due to lack of enthusiasm from both the vendors and the audience side. But Ideazfirst made it sure that there was a big queue waiting to get in. The interactive games organised by the agency grabbed the attention of both young and old, and the token gifts were an added incentives. It was both fun and learning together, and of course a big boost in sale for the vendor company.

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