10 Tips for Successful Event Planning

Event planning is no easy feat and to be honest, a lot of planning goes into the planning itself. But every event has a purpose, and a lot of economics is involved in it. Failure means the entire amount of money spent, as well as the efforts of an entire team of people, goes to waste. Here are ten tips from Ideazfirst which can help you avoid disaster and make your event a resounding success.

  1. Right Planning: While everyone says to plan early, planning too early might slow things down as one might think there is a lot of time left ahead. It is essential to strike a balance and depending on the magnitude of the event, and Ideazfirst does that in a unique manner. It streamlines the project in strict timelines and use Gantt charts for planning events and designating work responsibilities.
  1. Priority Listing: One might know what needs to be done, and yet not doing them in the correct order often messes things up. Planning things systematically and prioritizing them can make so much difference. It is alright if the initial deadlines are not met, but ensure that work is progressing in the right pace.
  1. Contact Vendors: There are special times of the year that customers look forward to for attending such events and chances are that there are others planning events as much as you are. However, Ideazfirst goes a step forward and does their own background check with vendors, going through their past credentials, taking extra feedback, website and social media pages, checking their godowns or offices whether they do have the required materials or they are further outsourcing the same to someone else.
  1. Trust your team: It might be tempting to try and manage everything by yourself as you feel safer looking into the details, but always assign tasks to other members and trust their efficiency. That ways, things get done faster and the number of tasks seems finite. Ideazfirst conducts periodic updates with team and uses technology and online tools to share project plans and update team progress is real time basis.
  1. Promote your Event Early: Do not wait until the last moment to promote your event. It is essential to build up the hype so that the visitors start booking early. Waiting till the last moment would mean that consumers might have already booked their evenings elsewhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, go all out and make your presence felt.
  1. Always have Alternatives: The mistake that most make while planning an event of this magnitude is that when something goes wrong, an alternative has to be planned from scratch and that simply takes away so much of valuable time. Ideazfirst always has a Plan B along with the main tasks so that you can switch instantly in case of a crisis.
  1. Maintain a Picture Log: While maintaining a log with all the information is a good idea, it is always a good idea to take lots and lots of pictures. Pictures can help you locate details at a glance that would take minutes and hours to write down and it is not always possible to do so when so much is going on. A picture log is the best solution and Ideazfirst follows this rule meticulously.
  1. Manage your Budget: Going overboard with the budget is not a good idea and you will always be answerable to your superiors for it. What Ideazfirst does is that it always keeps aside a percentage of what has been assigned to you, so that ways you already have a reserve without asking more of your financers.
  1. Plan the Post Event Conference as Well: Planning the post event conference is as important as planning the main event and send out success stories as soon as the event is done, with choicest photographs to go with it. Interested clients will immediately take note and will already be geared up for you the coming year.
  1. Send out Acknowledgements: An event is successful because of the people involved in it, and planning a thanksgiving event should be an integral part of it, which makes the event more heartwarming, special and making it stand out from the other events that people are so used to and Ideazfirst does it without fail.

A practical example of a well planned event:

A renowned global agency Pico takes care of launching Unilever’s new products to market and build guidelines for future booths, Pico have been working with Unilever’s Global Oral Care division in Europe, the Middle East and India since 2013. In addition to delivering a varied portfolio of trade shows and events in India, France, the UK and the UAE to promote their premium and prestige product ranges, Pico has also created worldwide event guidelines for Unilever to ensure that their global event team implements a consistent visual identity across their different regions.

The team’s digital and programming design capabilities have allowed them to create memorable events for Unilever’s audiences and deliver measurable post-show data. Their ongoing involvement with Unilever’s event portfolio has so far spanned a broad spectrum of deployments – from small visual merchandising displays to large exhibition booths which accommodate interactive visitor journeys and holographic theatres.

Unilever’s feedback to Pico:“Your team have all worked tirelessly, without complaint, but with patience, with smiles and laughter and with energy to deliver our joint vision. You have helped us to really innovate and make an impact. I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to work with some very talented and creative people such as yourselves.”

At the end, this is all that matters, isn’t it?

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