Is Real Estate marketing running out of ideas?

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Real Estate Companies in Kolkata are spending heavily on advertisements, i.e. print, outdoor and radio, in order to promote their upcoming projects. Almost every day one can see a full page cover to cover print ads in the leading dailies like The Telegraph, The … Read More…

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Growing popularity of event management companies these days

Whether it is a private party, a wedding or a corporate exhibition event, the idea of it seems like fun till reality sinks in and logistics have to be worked out! Then starts the trauma and mismanagement of any kind can lead to a total disaster in the event. With the growing number of events these days, where everything needs to be perfect, it has become an imperative to hire an event management company that can make your life easier for you. Little wonder then that event planners have literally become omnipresent!

When you hire the services of an event management company you are able to focus on the event itself rather than being stressed out about how things are going to get done and on the day of the event you can save yourself the trouble of crisis management in case there is something amiss. Here are four compelling reasons for you to consider hiring a professional event planner for the next big thing you have lined up.

Expertise counts


Like we mentioned before, an event seems like a great fun thing to do and there are too many volunteers at the mention of it, but when it comes down to brass tacks like contacts while booking the right venue etc, the enthusiasm starts fizzling out and the work allotted to the volunteers seems like a burden. But when you hire an event management company you can trust them to completely analyze all the challenging situations and come up with creative solutions to them. A professional event planner will have managed several events and will bring its expertise and best practices to the table when you engage the companies’ services.

Cost effective




You may think that hiring an event management company is an expensive affair, but on the contrary, such companies end up saving costs for you! For example, being in business for a good number of years, they will have good working relationships with a variety of vendors and suppliers who offer them services at discounted rates. This means you stand to gain as a client when you are making use of their relationships with such people who are vital to the success of your event.

Time saving


If you choose to take up all the perils of event planning on your head, you will be left with little or no time to do what you may have organized the event in the first place. The main objective of any event is to network and build your potential client or investor base. On the other hand, if you delegate the planning and execution of the event to a professionally managed event management company you can be assured that they will deliver quality services and you will be left free to do what you had in mind as an objective for organizing the event.

Risk management at its best



You may have done better than your best in putting together the resources to make your event successful and have relied on a bunch of vendors to get things in place on D-day, but just as the event is about to begin, a crucial vendor drops out! What do you do under such circumstances? Well, you don’t have to worry about a thing if an event planner is handling the execution of the event on your behalf. They are professionals who have enough contacts and back up resources to fall back on, if something does indeed go wrong. There may be a minor delay in the course of the event, but these experts will ensure that things are restored to normalcy as soon as it is possible, without any feathers being ruffled.

Now that you have seen the advantages of hiring an event management company, we are sure you will not hesitate in hiring the services of an event management company for the next big event that you want to make a grand success of!.

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Five key things to make an exhibition event successful

In this day of intense competition, even the most successfully run businesses may find it nerve racking to organize an exhibition event. Let’s face it, even if you pay big bucks, there is no guarantee that visitors will throng to your stall. First things first, you need to engage the services of an exhibition management expert, ideally a company which has a track record of hosting successful exhibitions for its clients in the past.

Exhibition planning requires a lot of thought and research. One has to plan everything from the exhibition stand to the staff who will be handling the proceedings of the day. From our experience of exhibitions in Kolkata, here are five basic and key things that we think can make your exhibition event a major success.

Have a goal in sight 



You would say that the goal of any business exhibition event is to sell. But as an exhibition planner would tell you, your objective has to be far more specific. For instance you need to ask yourself, why you are exhibiting in the first place? Do you want to launch a new product? Do you want to get a database of your target audience or is it an exercise to increase your brand awareness. This objective should be in sync with your business goals and clearly defined and communicated at the very outset.

Presentation is primary



Exhibitions, as exhibition event management expert believes is not about having and spending huge money. Its about getting creative with the resources you have. You have decide on the right look and feel of your stand and can use anything from electronic presentations to lighting to attract visitors to your stand. The goal must be to showcase your objective and convey it in a clear and concise manner. You do not always need to pay big bucks to book a huge stand. A small and attractive stand can work just as well!

Involve the event organizer


Just getting any exhibition stand is not good enough for you. Make sure you and the exhibition planner whose services you have engaged ave several meetings with the organizer of the event to explain the nature of your business and the purpose of your exhibition. You have to ensure that you get the right placement for your stand, at the best possible price. Your negotiation skills will come in handy along with the acumen of the exhibition planner’s ideas.

The right team 


This is a crucial aspect of an exhibition too. You need to make a careful choice when it comes to the people who will be at your stall. Ideally exhibition planners recommend that you have a good mix of “hookers” or people who will hook the attention of your target audience and “spotters” or those who will spo potential customers and direct them towards your stall. For an exhibition event to be successful, you should ideally appeal to all the five senses of your attendees- see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

Spread the word



After all the arrangements are done, make sure you inform all those who you would like to attend the event and visit your stall. These days it is imperative to make use of social media platforms to let your audience know about the latest in your business. Send out formal invitations to your existing clients and put a gentle reminder on email as well. Exhibition planners also recommend that you are in sync with the marketing efforts of the event organizers and work with them closely in order to get more publicity. If you can afford it, you may even considering linking your business name with the event itself.

Exhibiting is indeed hard work, but the results can be very satisfying and rewarding for your company. It is therefore a job that is best left to the experts!


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Why corporate giants need meeting planners these days

Even till about five years back or so, corporate events used to be drab and predictable with back to back sessions of about an hour each day with a lunch break in between and some standard entertainment in the evening as if it were some consolation prize for attending the day’s event! But today with all pervasive technology, corporate events too have gone through a sea change. Those who are hosting such events have make the attendees of the event comfortable, the sessions invigorating, most importantly facilitate networking, the number one reason why people choose attend corporate events these days.


Conference management today is therefor no longer just booking a venue and getting a caterer in place. That is exactly the reason why it is a job that should be entrusted to an expert conference planner, a company that preferably has hosted events for companies across sectors, is on top of trends and has the access to the latest technology. A conference arranger or an event management company should be able to provide end to end solutions right from the registration of the guests to using social media aptly in a manner that the attendees can stay in touch with each other long after your event is over!


A lot of thought and effort must go into the conference, the time or the expertise that you may want to outsource. Take for instance something as simple as seating! That’s not something you would have given a second thought to right and left it to the venue managers to get the seating done the way it suits them! But an event planner would think differently! They would think of strategic seating and arrange the seating in a manner that it would allow the guests to converse with each other when the conferences are in progress. Some would even walk the extra mile and inquire the registered guests about the connections they would like to make in the conference and use the information gathered intelligently while seating the participants.

Untitled3 Untitled2

A successful corporate event is one in which there is enough scope for interaction. A conference planner will therefore design and arrange the content of the conference in a manner so that there is enough participation and interaction amongst the panelists and guests. This can be done by building in opportunities for Q&A and allowing enough room for the participants to create and shape the content of the event in a manner that they find useful.


No event today is complete without the mention of technology and social media. Not only does state of the art technology be used in the broadcast of these events, social media must be used to its full potential to promote your event and keep it alive after its done. A popular trend is the use of event apps where the app becomes the hub of all the relevant information about your event. Things such as the profiles of the speakers, documents and presentations can be stored easily in this app and can be accessed by the delegates on their smart phones whenever they wish. Listed here are merely a few details that a good conference planner is likely to pay attention to. Large scale corporate events are big affairs that must be handled professionally and made to seem effortless and seamless. When you leave the job to event planners, they ensure that these details are taken care of amply so that you can go about earning a reputation as a great business event host yourself!


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How theme parties are gaining popularity in recent times?

Are you fretting about what should be the theme of the next birthday or anniversary in your family? You obviously want to be the talk of the town as the party host! Well, if you haven’t thought about it already, it’s time to explore an interesting theme for your upcoming party. There is no dearth of inspiration today as there is enough of it on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest, but it would serve you well to leave the job to experts such as event planners who have made it their business to be on top of emerging trends. These planners can customize trends keeping in mind your tastes and wants. Thanks to such planners, theme parties have become quite a rage today.

event management company in kolkata-Ideazfirst kolkata

In India, themes became popular a few years ago, when youngsters getting married wanted to move away from the big fat Indian wedding, to a more cool and hip format that would leave a lasting impression on the mind of the guests and make it a truly memorable day for the bride and groom themselves. (Remember the popular Bollywood movie Band BajaaBaraat? The entire movie revolved around wedding planners! ) Wedding themes such as royal theme- where the bride and groom were the king and queen and the guests were indeed treated to lavish spread fit for kings. There was also the village theme that found popularity among north Indians where the wedding venue looked like a village itself replete with a well, food stalls, bangle vendors and mehndi walis who thrilled the female guests with their intricate designs.


Impressed already and want a great theme for an anniversary party? Then take a leaf out of the book of Gauri and NimishShindeof Mumbai. For their parent’s 50th wedding anniversary Gauri and Nimish Shinde of Mumbai organized a true Bollywood style theme party where the children essayed the role of the parents and the “bride” and “groom” eloped and got married in a small temple close to the venue. In a retro meet Bollywood style party guests were requested to come in their best retro attires and dance to the popular Bollywood dance numbers of the 70’s!

Wedding planner company in Kolkata- Ideazfirst
Or how about taking inspiration from Kolkata based couple Subhashis and Dolon Sen of Kolkata, who wanted to make their 5th anniversary a really special one. They entrusted the job to an event management company in Kolkata. Dolon had always fancied a Christian wedding and thus on D-day the couple with their parents and a close group of friends travelled from Kolkata to a farmhouse in the outskirts of the city and had a Christian wedding in the presence of a pastor who conducted the ceremony for them on special request. It was a dream come true for Dolon and the guests had a “wedding feast”became quite a picnic as the day progressed!
But those are tales of modern day anniversary theme parties. You can always go back to the classic themes such as silver, gold and platinum anniversary themes that are sure to touch a cord with your guests. By hosting a theme party for your anniversary or organizing one for you parents can etch the memories of the day in their hearts forever, not to mention, it makes the couple in question fall in love with each other all over again.

It’s not just anniversary parties, there are several themes that you can explore for your little one’s birthday. The Disney theme, fairy tale, colour themes (such as blue for boys and pink for girls) are some popular themes that are quite a hit now. You can also do something innovative like Gurgaon couple Sheryl and Dheeraj Tauro did for their five year daughter Chiara’s birthday. The theme for Chira’s party was a “cowgirl” one where the venue was decked like a ranch replete with wooden horses and lassos. The idea of course was suggested by the event planner they hired who while chatting with the little girl discovered her fascination for horses and riding!

best Birthday planner company in kolkata-Ideazfirst
When it comes to planning elaborate theme parties like the ones illustrated above, one needs to put in time and effort to plan every minute detail. So if you really want to spend that moolah, it is prudent to hire the services of an event management company that will do everything for you from scratch! All you have to do is be at the venue to enjoy your party on D-Day. With party planners making a career out of giving joy to others through their creative ideas, its time you left the headache to the experts!.

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