Hiland welcomes the customers in style – “Get to know your home better”

A key to unlock happiness

No wonder Hiland customers had a pleasant surprise this year when they received their flat handover letters much before the promised delivery dates at Hiland Greens, Calcutta Riverside (CRS). CRS is an integrated 264 acre township located at Maheshtala, on the banks of River Ganges. Unlike the other builders, Riverbank Developers (Hiland) completed the project long before 8 months as promised to their customers.
Hiland Greens handed over the ready flats to the customers before the scheduled completion dates in style- an initiative to bring customers closer with their dream homes. Hiland has organised a 2 day customers’ meet for Hiland Greens at the Calcutta Riverside (CRS), Maheshtala. The riverbank Developers appointed Ideazfirst Marketing Services to make this a memorable event for all the guests. Team Ideazfirst has planned this event to help customers get acquainted with their new surroundings. Through this event we wanted to help customers feel at ease in their new homes. Hence, documents like voter ID card applications, LPG Gas connections, Medical facilities, maintenance terms are being verified and made accustomed to their future homes of stay. Hiland has also invited local councillors and police officers to make this an eventful evening.

Extensive planning and design execution

This was by far the largest customer meet for any real estate company in Eastern India. A team of structural engineers and venue designers worked meticulously for a month to achieve this event a success. Multiple trips to the project site was made prior to the event to click site photographs and take measurements for almost all the areas where branding was required at the venue.
Apart from the two banquets within the club house, one large structure was created to accommodate the guests. More than 30 SUV cars and 6 buses were booked for the ease of commuting from Taratolla to the project site. Our team were holding placards to guide the guests to the respective vehicles with almost no-waiting time. For guests coming in their own vehicles, directional signages were installed across the entire route to the project site for an easy access.
Specially branded electric scooter ride (TOTO) were booked for the customers for a ride within the township for them to see the overall infrastructural development and the also a visit to the 3-BHK and 2-BHK sample apartments.

A melange of activities

A grand welcome coupled with Hi-tea and interaction with customers, their experiences and expectations that were waiting for them in the store. Held on 27-28th January, this event added a new dimension in the New Year by a variety of program such as view of all-level car parking, visit to the sample flat and other exciting activities where the winners were gifted gold coins from PC Chandra Jewellers. More than 5000 customers including flat owners and their families were invited. The Hi-tea not only served entertainment but also helped customers interact with Hiland Greens for further requirements, while the Riverside developers were benefit by getting more enquiries in flat bookings followed by an interaction with other brokers like Cushman and Wakefield, that helped enhance trust, build confidence and help earn goodwill among the buyers.

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The Art of Getting Attention – Few Innovative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

When it comes to marketing ideas, one of the most clichéd phrases that anyone hears about is “to think creatively”. The fact is, creative thinking does not happen easily and even if a marketing trainee does come up with something truly out-of the-box, once the idea is circulated, there are a dozen other companies doing the same thing. The bottom line is, the shelf life of any new idea is considerably low and one just has to make the most of it before it loses its novelty.

At times, going back to the basics is just what is needed? Remember how Benedict Cumberbatch announced his marriage? Not via Twitter or Facebook, but through the good old classified column in the newspaper. When there is such a rush to modernize everything, something taking a pause does more. Instead of spending tons on digital pop ups which clients shut down even without a glance, try to zero in on papers and magazines which you know your target consumers would still read. Seventy percent of that consumer base is sure to think about their childhood and buy your item just out of nostalgia.

Instead of trying to tell the clients that your product and services has everything that they like, which fifty other companies are also trying to do at the same time, try to show how your products does not have anything that they would not approve of. Logical explanation that touches and is close to their emotion is a better tactic than trying to push the same thing over and again.  Lending another perspective is always a great marketing strategy and it helps to clear the clouded vision of the clients who have been tuned to buying the same products over time, resulting in an increase in BTL activities.

Offline Marketing is a major component of BTL marketing, and it includes door to door marketing, which is considered a passé these days. However, there is nothing as pleasing to a consumer as getting personalized service and customer engagement, as well as getting the opportunity to give a direct feedback. If you are a start up and you are short of financial resources, start out small by concentrating more on quality rather than quantity. Adding personal notes to your items and making personalized concessions would add to considerable word of mouth publicity and yet, your clients will not even realize they are helping you in your marketing campaign.

Using creative content and pop ups, along with innovative graphics is definitely a prerequisite in marketing and yet it has to be really out of the box to make an impact. Do not opt for the done to death SMS or Email marketing ideas as your mail would just end up in the junk folder. Instead, create an innovative presentation which can be seen through in a couple of minutes, where you can actually portray how the product works, and has helped people. It is like a mini tutorial, but far more fun and if you can make it possible interactive. The prospective clients will not be listening to one of those empty promises they are used to- they would actually witness how your product can enhance their lives and in no time you would be getting calls. This is also a huge advantage in event management.

Speaking in the context of grabbing attention, Ideazfirst did a very good job at the Kolkata International Book Fair 2016, for the SBI Life Insurance. Usually these local stalls remain empty due to lack of enthusiasm from both the vendors and the audience side. But Ideazfirst made it sure that there was a big queue waiting to get in. The interactive games organised by the agency grabbed the attention of both young and old, and the token gifts were an added incentives. It was both fun and learning together, and of course a big boost in sale for the vendor company.

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10 Tips for Successful Event Planning

Event planning is no easy feat and to be honest, a lot of planning goes into the planning itself. But every event has a purpose, and a lot of economics is involved in it. Failure means the entire amount of money spent, as well as the efforts of an entire team of people, goes to waste. Here are ten tips from Ideazfirst which can help you avoid disaster and make your event a resounding success.

  1. Right Planning: While everyone says to plan early, planning too early might slow things down as one might think there is a lot of time left ahead. It is essential to strike a balance and depending on the magnitude of the event, and Ideazfirst does that in a unique manner. It streamlines the project in strict timelines and use Gantt charts for planning events and designating work responsibilities.
  1. Priority Listing: One might know what needs to be done, and yet not doing them in the correct order often messes things up. Planning things systematically and prioritizing them can make so much difference. It is alright if the initial deadlines are not met, but ensure that work is progressing in the right pace.
  1. Contact Vendors: There are special times of the year that customers look forward to for attending such events and chances are that there are others planning events as much as you are. However, Ideazfirst goes a step forward and does their own background check with vendors, going through their past credentials, taking extra feedback, website and social media pages, checking their godowns or offices whether they do have the required materials or they are further outsourcing the same to someone else.
  1. Trust your team: It might be tempting to try and manage everything by yourself as you feel safer looking into the details, but always assign tasks to other members and trust their efficiency. That ways, things get done faster and the number of tasks seems finite. Ideazfirst conducts periodic updates with team and uses technology and online tools to share project plans and update team progress is real time basis.
  1. Promote your Event Early: Do not wait until the last moment to promote your event. It is essential to build up the hype so that the visitors start booking early. Waiting till the last moment would mean that consumers might have already booked their evenings elsewhere. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, go all out and make your presence felt.
  1. Always have Alternatives: The mistake that most make while planning an event of this magnitude is that when something goes wrong, an alternative has to be planned from scratch and that simply takes away so much of valuable time. Ideazfirst always has a Plan B along with the main tasks so that you can switch instantly in case of a crisis.
  1. Maintain a Picture Log: While maintaining a log with all the information is a good idea, it is always a good idea to take lots and lots of pictures. Pictures can help you locate details at a glance that would take minutes and hours to write down and it is not always possible to do so when so much is going on. A picture log is the best solution and Ideazfirst follows this rule meticulously.
  1. Manage your Budget: Going overboard with the budget is not a good idea and you will always be answerable to your superiors for it. What Ideazfirst does is that it always keeps aside a percentage of what has been assigned to you, so that ways you already have a reserve without asking more of your financers.
  1. Plan the Post Event Conference as Well: Planning the post event conference is as important as planning the main event and send out success stories as soon as the event is done, with choicest photographs to go with it. Interested clients will immediately take note and will already be geared up for you the coming year.
  1. Send out Acknowledgements: An event is successful because of the people involved in it, and planning a thanksgiving event should be an integral part of it, which makes the event more heartwarming, special and making it stand out from the other events that people are so used to and Ideazfirst does it without fail.

A practical example of a well planned event:

A renowned global agency Pico takes care of launching Unilever’s new products to market and build guidelines for future booths, Pico have been working with Unilever’s Global Oral Care division in Europe, the Middle East and India since 2013. In addition to delivering a varied portfolio of trade shows and events in India, France, the UK and the UAE to promote their premium and prestige product ranges, Pico has also created worldwide event guidelines for Unilever to ensure that their global event team implements a consistent visual identity across their different regions.

The team’s digital and programming design capabilities have allowed them to create memorable events for Unilever’s audiences and deliver measurable post-show data. Their ongoing involvement with Unilever’s event portfolio has so far spanned a broad spectrum of deployments – from small visual merchandising displays to large exhibition booths which accommodate interactive visitor journeys and holographic theatres.

Unilever’s feedback to Pico:“Your team have all worked tirelessly, without complaint, but with patience, with smiles and laughter and with energy to deliver our joint vision. You have helped us to really innovate and make an impact. I’m really happy to have had the opportunity to work with some very talented and creative people such as yourselves.”

At the end, this is all that matters, isn’t it?

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Ideazfirst Successfully Launches Hiland’s Real Estate Marketing Projects

For the fourth time in a row, the Ideazfirst team has been given the responsibility to manage the largest housing project launches by Hiland—the leading name that has changed the face of real estate in Kolkata in the last four decades.

What are the Projects All About

Two of the city’s leading premium housing projects—Hiland Ganges – Cossipore and Hiland Riverfront -Calcutta Riverside, Maheshtala are aimed at providing the tastes of luxury living to the people of Kolkata. Both the apartments come with the following amenities:

  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor Play Room
  • Steam & Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Banquet
  • Library/Mini-Theatre/Creche
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Gym & Yoga Room
  • Jogging track
  • Riverside Promenade
  • Indoor Games Room
  • Audio Visual Room
  • Lounge

How We Do It

Through a comprehensive direct marketing strategy for HIG residential projects, we are targeting prospects from Kolkata and also Non-Resident Bengalis. For what can be called one of the biggest activations in Eastern India for real estate industry, we have chalked-out the following initiatives:

  1. In-store promotions in cafes / retail stores and multiplexes across the city like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Barista, CCD, Metro Cash and Carry, INOX and so on.
  2. Organising promotions at high profile clubs in the city like Tollygunge Club, Saturday Club, CC&FC, etc.
  3. Leveraging direct visits to some of the main market areas including both wholesale and retail markets such as Behala, Brabourne Road, C R Avenue, Poddar Court, Shyambazar Market, New Market, Howrah Area, Burra Bazar etc.
  4. Mall activations in Vardaan Market, South City Mall, Metro Plaza, E-mall, Mani square, City Centre and DCN Mall.
  5. Marketing efforts at amusement parks like Eco Tourism Park, Nicco Park etc.

With such well-rounded marketing efforts, we are not only providing better visibility and marketing benefits to the projects but we are also making sure that we touch upon all the potential customer segments and buyer groups from across the city.

If you’re interested in our marketing and branding services, visit our contact us page for more information. 

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Are You Aware of These 17 Types of Corporate Events?


Organizing a business event for your company is one of the most effective ways to engage your clients, network with peers and potential partners, connect with prospects, and spread awareness about your brand. Here are 17 types of corporate events your business could benefit from.

  1. Conference: This is the most common business event where a large target audience is generally targeted. Conferences normally happen over a span of 2-3 days.
  2. Seminar: Seminars are smaller than conferences in terms of audience participation but they are more interactive.
  3. Workshops: These are mainly meant for training purposes.
  4. Meetings: There are many different types of meetings—board meetings, shareholders’ meetings etc— commonly held annually, bi-annually or quarterly. These are events where an organization’s operational and financial strategies are discussed.
  5. Team Building: These are comparatively small and in-house events that help bring together and motivate internal teams in organizations. Often, these events are integral to a company’s efforts towards promoting better teamwork.
  6. Trade Show: These are generally large-scale exhibitions where companies can represent and demonstrate their products, services, and expertise.
  7. Networking Events: Networking events are great opportunities for company representatives to strike conversations and build contact with prospects. Such events encourage personal marketing as a way to benefit the business.
  8. Business Dinner: These are traditional events held normally once at the end of a financial year. They are meant to celebrate the successes and milestones achieved during the financial year or to help improve contact with key customers.
  9. Golf Events: Golf Events or retreats are an interesting way for companies to build rapport with new customers, to increase customer loyalty or to reward and motivate employees. Such events can also be organised to raise charity funds.
  10. Press Conference: Press Conferences help to attract media attention when it comes to promoting new products, launching new marketing campaigns or informing the shareholders and public about important business issues.
  11. Customer Appreciation Parties: These events are a great gesture of thankfulness towards your customers. By organizing these events you can show how much your appreciate them.
  12. Happy Hours: An after-work drinks party that helps to ease the employees after a hectic week.
  13. Product Launch: This is a marketing event that helps companies create a stir while launching a new product.
  14. Theme Party: While theme parties are not strictly corporate, they can be organised to celebrate special occasions such as New Year celebrations.
  15. VIP Event: Meant to boost customer loyalty, VIP events may include sneak previews of new products or special private sales aimed at making the best customers feel privileged, thereby increasing their trust in the brand.
  16. Sports Events: This type of events include cricket and football matches or competitive games like kabaddi and kho-kho that promote team-building efforts among various organizational teams.
  17. Executive Retreats: These events are meant to give employees a small break from their stressful work schedules and the day-to-day business. This helps to stimulate them, and recharge their performances and creativity.


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